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The Brunswick Junior Football Club is a not-for-profit, volunteer run club. We rely on the generosity of our sponsors to support our teams, buy equipment and uniforms and develop our ageing facilities.

We are a rapidly growing club, with over 300 players and 400-500 parents from Merri-bek and surrounding areas. There is a range of options for how you can support the club, and we can promote your business in return.

If you’d like your business to be part of this thriving community please contact


Brand Visibility

Sponsorships put your brand visuals in front of large audiences at community football grounds throughout east, north and north-east Melbourne. Images of our teams and home ground sporting your brand reach a larger audience through more press and social media mentions which boost brand recognition.

Community Goodwill

Strengthening your business image is one of the most valuable benefits of a BDJFL sponsorship. Consumers love brands that give back to their community and who care about grass-roots development of our kids. Community involvement also sets you apart from competitors and larger brands. People have more incentive to support your business if you’re invested in their community.

Content Strategy

Team and club sponsorship provides fresh material to expand your digital content strategy. By connecting with our BDJFC audience through promotion on our social media platforms, you can find relevant audiences to target. BDJFC Facebook page receives a lot of engagement, which you can use to create content themes or promote your own hashtags. When BDJFC and our players and supporters (user-generated content) share photos, videos and posts which include your brand or backlink to your website, you get exposure to much larger networks.

Business Relationships

A footy club is a non-competing business that sponsors can collaborate with to share leads and promote each other's business. BDJFL are happy to collaborate with our sponsors on key functions throughout the year maximising a large supporter audience.


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