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When does the football season start?

The Yarra Junior Football League (YJFL) season dates can be found here:


When and where are the games?

Teams play games on a Sunday, with roughly half their matches at a home venue and half the games are away fixtures. An exact split of home and away matches doesn’t always happen, given the complexity of the fixturing process, but this is the aim.


Home games are played at:


·      Clifton Park (Victoria St, Brunswick West)

·      Gillon Oval (Pearson St, Brunswick)

·      Ransford Oval (Park St, Parkville)


Brunswick is the westernmost club in the YJFL’s North competition, which includes teams in Heidelberg, Fitzroy, Preston, Banyule and Bundoora. Most away match venues are within a 25-min drive from Brunswick. For more information on other YJFL clubs:


Are teams graded?

U8 and U9 mixed and U10 all-girls teams are not graded and grouped in competitions based on geographical area.


All other teams are put into competitions with teams with similar skills after the first four rounds of the season.


Is there pre-season training?

Older age groups usually do some summer training.

U12s tend to start preseason training in February, and U8 to U11s will start in mid-March.


Can I get a fee reduction?

We are happy to reduce fees for families experiencing hardship. Please contact our treasurer by emailing, to discuss how we can support in getting your child on the field and playing with the Dragons. We can also provide second-hand uniform items for those experiencing hardship.

We are trialling a system of offering discounts to families in particular volunteer roles (e.g., coaches and team managers). Refer to our Fees Policy.

Second siblings receive a 20% discount (of the BJFC fee portion), third (30%) and fourth siblings (40%).


Do I have to pay for my uniform?

The club supplies all players with a club-owned playing jumper at the beginning of the the season. Each team manager will have a uniform kit, and will allocate player jumpers based on player size.This jumper will need to be returned at the end of the season.

However, you will need to purchase team purple shorts and socks for game day from our online shop.

Our volunteer apparel coordinator will organise a suitable time for pickup of orders, depending on stock availability with our supplier.

Second-hand uniforms may be available for families experiencing hardship, depending on donations from other Dragons families.


Do the Dragons have a boot swap program?

Yes. We run one or two boot swaps at the start of the season to prevent families from having to purchase new boots every year. Please bring along a pair to donate if you have boots you no longer need to ensure there is an ongoing supply of boots and sizes. Or just pick up a pair of boots from the boot swap that suit!


Where can I buy mouthguards?

Mouthguards are mandatory at training and games. Players will not be permitted to play if they do not have a mouthguard.


There are a few options when it comes to mouthguards:


Fitted mouthguards - Price starting at $70 (private health rebate available). 

Fitted mouthguards are available from dentists, or a specialist mouthguard retailer. Locally, you can get these done at:

The Mouthguard Man 

227 Melville Road, Pascoe Vale South.

No appointment needed. See website for walk-in hours:

Mouldable mouthguards - Price estimate $8.

You can purchase mouldable mouthguards from chemists and sports stores. These are a low cost option, but not as good as properly fitted mouthguards from a safety and comfort perspective. Mouldable mouthguards are an OK temporary option.


How can I become involved as a volunteer?

We are a completely volunteer run organisation and need the support from our community to keep the club going. Any and all help is needed and appreciated. We have a range of game day roles that team managers will allocate throughout the season, however the most significant volunteer need we have is around the orgaisation of our club.

If you have skills and/or interest in helping to keep our great community club running, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us at


What happens if my child gets injured during a match or training?

The Yarra Junior Football League, in conjunction with BJS Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, the league’s insurance broker and risk adviser, has in place insurance coverage for all their affiliated member clubs, officials, coaches, umpires, voluntary workers and players. The cost of insurance is incorporated into player fees. For further information, please see:


The club requires a parent (or supervising adult) for all primary school-aged children must be in attendance for the duration of training.

Game day

Player fees include a component that help to fund a medic to attend all Yarra Junior Football League games.

A first aid volunteer (usually a parent) is also rostered on for all games. Trainers undergo specific first aid training, keep an eye on the game, manage any injuries, niggles or issues on the bench and follows up any game day incidents with families.


What happens if negative behaviour occurs during a match by a player, official or spectator?

There are systems in place to protect players, officials and spectators from negative behaviour and to address those who engage in negative behaviour.

At team level, your first point of call is your team manager (or coach) if you have any issues you would like to discuss regarding behavioral issues within the team. For issues at club level, email our Secretary (first point of contact) -

On game day, the team managers from the opposition sides are responsible for raising any issues such as negative behaviour from the opposition’s players, officials or spectators. Communication occurs between the team managers. If any issues arise, spectators, players and officials are not to approach the opposition spectators, players or officials.

At each venue, the tenant club supplies a ground manager for each match, who is responsible for monitoring crowd behaviour and bringing any inappropriate conduct to the attention of club officials.

If any issues cannot be resolved on game day, the team managers must email on match day with the details. The club Secretary will liaise with the President, who may make contact with the opposition club President to discuss and resolve matters. If issues still cannot be resolved or if further attention is needed, our club officials will contact the league.

Parents, spectators and officials should never contact the league directly.

Umpires have the ability to order players and officials off the field and to report players, officials and spectators to the league.


What talent development opportunities exist for my child? 

From the YJFL landing page go to 'Football' menu and scroll down to 'Talent programs'

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