Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Brunswick Junior Football Club (BJFC) recognises that children need special care and
attention. BJFC aims to protect the welfare of children involved in the sport of football by
creating, implementing and complying with the following measures:

(a) ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children who participate in BJFC activities and
ensuring that their experiences with the club are positive
(b) ensuring children are empowered and know what behaviour is and is not acceptable
(c) ensuring children know how to report (and where to report) an incident and feel
empowered to do so if they are either subject to, or become aware of, potential abuse or
(d) prioritising and addressing the concerns of children in relation to their safety
(e) undertaking thorough screening processes to reduce the risk of people with improper
motives being involved in BJFC activities
(f) communicating openly with parents of children and always ensuring safety of children is
(g) remaining vigilant to ensure best practice standards in relation to child safety are utilised
in delivering BJFC’s services and activities

BJFC will also take reasonable steps to promote the cultural safety of Aboriginal children
and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds as well as promoting
the safety of children with a disability.
BJFC has adopted the following policy and guidelines:

Any questions can be directed to the Child Safety Officer or President, please refer to the
Contact section of the website for contact details.