Under 8's Tackers Day Round Robin, report by Nova Weetman

The annual U8 Round Robin was a huge day of football last Sunday at Bulleen Park. The Dragons white team played four games, each with two 6 minute halves. Our players were a little dazed in the first game, but Cassius kicked a beauty, and Seb and Bianca both took great marks. Griffin was really strong in the back line. In the second game against the Tigers, the Dragons really roared, with all our players playing strong. Fred was great through the mid field, Seb was terrific in the back line, Campbell and James tackled beautifully, and Arlo and Bianca booted two great goals. The third game was super close and we drew with the Greythorn Falcons. Kai had a great mark and a goal, and Amelia was instrumental in a turnover that led to a goal. There was some really nice passages of play through the mid field with Cassius dodging opponents and kicking to James, and Hamish and Fred both played strongly. In our last game, the players were all a bit tired, and struggled to score goals, but played strongly. Cassius stopped the other team scoring with a great game changing mark, and Campbell tackled his opponent to stop a goal. Both Griffin and Hamish also had some big marks. By the time the Dragons finished their fourth game they were all ready to lie on the ground and rest. It was great to see such a big day of football in such a lovely festival atmosphere. Peter and Aidan did a fantastic job coaching. Big thanks to Peter S-B for supplying the shelter, and to all the parents for the food, especially to Steve for the hotdogs!

Go Dragons!