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Brunswick Junior Football Club – U15 for season 2015

“We always said that Squads win Premierships and we’ve needed every one of our players to contribute to our club, both on and off the field throughout the course of the year” – Coach Alastair Clarkson (The AGE 29 Sept)


The Brunswick Junior Football Club requires additional players to add to our current squad playing U15 in 2015 within the Yarra Junior Football League.

Finishing in the Preliminary Final in Brown Division (second highest), the team played throughout the year with 21 players and finished 3rd, with a 73% win/loss ratio.  This squad of players has been very successful, winning premierships in 2012 (U12) and 2013 (U13), with a win/loss ratio of >80% since 2011.  Each player in the group has played between 70 and 80 games, while fitness levels are very good to excellent, with most players scoring 10 and above in beep tests.

The current squad includes 21 players and, although finishing in the finals in 2014, was impacted by injury throughout the year. For the U15 level, the coaches consider that the squad needs to be expanded from the current 21 players to 27 for next season.

The coaches are all experienced junior/youth coaches (>5yrs) and former players, having played at senior levels in major league country and metropolitan football, with a combined total of some 650 games.

If you are interested in being part of this successful playing group, please contact the Coach, Trevor Ludeman, on 0407 889944 – trevor@projectplandev.com.au


Trevor Ludeman
0407 889 944

Assistant Coach
Ross Coverdale
0419 390 556

Team Manager
Helen Gatford